Gamma Tech, Inc. was formed on September 1, 1989 to provide consulting services and space planning to the health care industry. Our focus on the electrical and mechanical requirements of diagnostic imaging equipment ensures that both proper construction and clinical function are achieved. 

Our expertise encompasses the following:

Angiography MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Breast Biopsy Nuclear Medicine
Cardiology Radiology Departments
CT Scanner  Radiography
Diagnostic Imaging Clinics Radiation Oncology (i.e., Simulators)
Treatment Centers Surgery
Fluoroscopy  Urology/Cystoscopy
Hospitals Women's Clinics
Mammography X-Ray
NDT - Metallurgy

    Enjoy peace of mind! Through our years of service, we've accumulated a database that is second to none. The specification information gleaned from product data provided by all OEMs, allows us to provide accurate prints quickly. 

    Your relationship with Gamma Tech also opens the door on pre-established discounted pricing on construction materials. Our unique position, as a result of our annual volume, translates into significant cost savings on single room and/or entire facility construction. 

   The availability of these discounts enable you to hire a company that specializes in the design/build of diagnostic imaging facilities with virtually no additional cost. Those funds, that would have otherwise been spent on retail materials and inexperienced professionals, can be put to better use by utilizing our value-engineering process to facility design. Our methodology has been proven to minimize project costs and create a clinically conducive workplace.

    Discounted products include: 

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    Many of our clients use our prints as a selling tool. Doing so demonstrates professionalism and the thoroughness necessary for medical equipment placement and installation.  End users are more likely to conduct repeat business with a company that saves them up to 45% on major construction materials and provides quality pre-installation prints standard with all equipment orders.

Our Company Divisions

Room Planning

    Our planning divisions specializing in all the following OEMs' product-lines:

    With more than ninety-five years accumulative experience, we are capable of providing you with the very best construction specifications required for a seamless and cost effective installation. 

Facility Design

Healthcare facilities

    Specializing in space planning and design/build of healthcare facilities, stand alone Diagnostic Imaging Clinics, Radiation Oncology Centers and Hospital renovations.

    Years of working in hospitals and in clinical engineering fields has developed a unique expertise that allows us to view our projects from many professional perspectives. 

Industrial facilities

    Specializing in NDT Quality Control and Inspection facilities design.

   Special thanks to our clients for enabling us to become the largest independent space planning firm in the world. It's been our pleasure to provide these services. 


Emily Mackey, Director of Business and Finance








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